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The Maestro of Brewers Brunch


Meet Chris Tower
Chris' passion for food began at a young age, fueled by countless hours spent watching the Food Network and growing up alongside his father, a seasoned butcher. After high school, the traditional academic path didn't resonate with him. Fortunately, a culinary school advertisement in Edmonton ignited a spark. With unwavering determination and the support of his family, Chris embarked on his culinary adventure.

Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in a diverse range of restaurants, from bustling chains to prestigious fine-dining establishments. This well-rounded experience equipped him with a deep understanding of all facets of the industry. Notably, he achieved his Red Seal certification on the first attempt, solidifying his exceptional culinary talent.

A fortuitous twist of fate unfolded when a supplier mishap left Chris' restaurant facing a last-minute ingredient shortage. While waiting for a solution, he serendipitously opened a food magazine to a page showcasing the Niagara-on-the-Lake Brewmaster program. Recognizing this as an undeniable opportunity, Chris made a decisive move. He promptly tendered his resignation, returned to Regina to strategize, and ultimately secured the coveted chef position at La Bodega. There, he not only excelled in his role but also established himself as the undisputed king of weekend brunches.

Unable to resist the allure of brewing, Chris pursued the Brewmaster program in Niagara. He thrived in this dynamic environment, mastering the art of brewing while embracing the vibrant tourist town. Upon graduation, his journey led him to Toronto, where he took the helm at The Six Brewing. Concurrently, he showcased his culinary expertise by crafting exceptional brunch dishes at Louis Cifer. The pandemic presented challenges, leading to the closure of The Six Brewing. However, Chris' resilience landed him a position at a local homebrew shop, where his passion for fermentation continued to flourish.

Another serendipitous chapter unfolded when his girlfriend's restaurant required a skilled grill cook. Chris stepped in seamlessly, and unsurprisingly, found himself back in the brunch world. He firmly believes that beer and brunch form a harmonious culinary pairing, offering the perfect daytime indulgence.

When Regina Brewing decided to launch a Mother's Day brunch, Chris readily offered his expertise. Despite a temporary hiatus from the kitchen, the familiar sounds and rhythms reignited his culinary passion. He volunteered to lead the Sunday brunch initiative, ensuring his skills remained razor-sharp while creating masterful pairings between his food and beloved brews. Now, he extends a warm invitation for you to join him for an unforgettable Sunday brunch experience, orchestrated by Regina Brewing's very own Head Brewer.

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